Our clients drive our innovation. We attempt to create sound and intelligent quantitative solutions to portfolio construction challenges to help investors have better outcomes.


We began as a separate account business, building dynamic risk managed portfolios for advisors to use with their clients to help them avoid the large losses that seemingly occur more and more frequently. We have very tight relationships with our advisor clients and they are instrumental in shaping of our business, the strategies and our ongoing improvements. The most recent of which was to move from the separate account format and launch a suite of ETF’s based on the components of our Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy suite. The ETF’s may provide numerous advantages to the client in the form of cost and tax efficiency, the advisors by alleviating the complexities of the separate accounts and allowing further customization, and to us in enhanced flexibility to execute on the strategies themselves.

“When events change, I change my mind. What do you do?”

— Paul Samuelson – Nobel Prize Winner and father of dynamic asset allocation

Our Investment Philosophy

All investment strategies are based upon a set of assumptions or historical research including buy and hold. Economic regimes constantly change; interest rates, inflation and equity markets can move substantially up or down and significantly impact portfolio returns. Unlike endowments, investors do not have an infinite time horizon. For this reason we believe that a traditional strategic asset allocation approach based on modern portfolio theory is sub-optimal. It makes more sense to adapt to changes in the economic environment. We favor a dynamic approach to investment management using market information to guide our investment decisions. Most importantly, we believe that a systematic, quantitative approach is necessary to avoid emotions and biases in decision-making.

We believe that an ongoing commitment to research is the foundation of our investment philosophy. It is the key to uncovering new and actionable information that can be used to further enhance existing models and to develop new strategies.

Old Team


Keys is responsible for strategic and operational oversight of the firm. He is also Managing Partner of Aveo Capital Partners, a transparent collective of private wealth managers. Previously, Keys was Managing Partner of Integrated Advisors Consulting where he worked with advisory firms to retool key strategic relationships with accounting firms to increase profitability and partner buy-in. Prior to Integrated, he was Senior Vice President with iPro One, a buy-and–build partner to Top 100 accounting firm owned RIA’s. He played a key role in forging acquisitions representing over $1.5 billion in AUM. Before joining iPro, Keys had over a decade of experience as a financial advisor working with high net worth clients and cultivating strategic alliances with attorneys and accountants at the firm he founded in 2000, Integrated Advisors. Keys began his career as a financial advisor with Prudential Financial and is a graduate of the University of Colorado.


David has over 10 years of experience in quantitative research and developing trading algorithms for portfolio management. Most recently, he was the Vice President of Economic Research and Strategic Development at Flexible Plan Investments. Prior to that, he served as the Quantitative Director for Butler, Philbrick, and Gordillo at Macquarie Wealth Management. David is the President and founder of CSS Analytics Corp. (CSSA), an institutional consulting firm that provided medium-sized hedge funds and asset managers with analytics, quantitative systems and portfolio tools. The CSS Analytics blog (http://cssanalytics.wordpress.com) is currently one of the most popular and well-respected sources for original quantitative research worldwide. David graduated with an MBA in Finance from the prestigious Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada.


Stephen Erwin is the general counsel and chief compliance officer of Blue Sky Asset Management, and its affiliate Aveo Capital Partners. Stephen has more than a decade of experience representing investment advisers, hedge funds and private equity funds in business and regulatory compliance matters and as CCO. Prior to joining BSAM, Stephen was general counsel and CCO of a large investment adviser and hedge fund complex based in Boulder, CO, and member of Scheid, Cleveland & Fein, LLC in Denver, CO.

Enn Kuutan, CFA®

Corey Rittenhouse

Our Team


Managing Partner& Portfolio Manager

Keys is the Founder and Managing Partner of Blue Sky Asset Management, LLC (BSAM).   Additionally, he has been the  Managing Partner of Aveo Capital Partners, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm providing private wealth management services to high net worth investors. Prior to Aveo, Keys worked with a boutique firm working with large accounting firm owned RIA’s to re-engineer their wealth advisory and asset management platform.  Keys is a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and received his B.A. from the University of Colorado.

David Varadi, CFA®

Director of Research & Portfolio Manager

David is the Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of QuantX Funds and has been the Director of Research at Blue Sky Asset Management since 2014.  Previously, David was the Vice President of Economic Research and Strategic Development for Flexible Plan Investments overseeing quantitative strategy development.  Before joining Flexible Plan Investments, David was the Quantitative Director for Butler, Philbrick and Gordillo in Toronto, Canada.  He was also the founder of CSS Analytics, an institutional quantitative investment management consulting firm and author of the popular CSSA blog. David is a CFA charterholder, and received his MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.

Corey Rittenhouse

Quantitative Research Analyst

Corey has been the lead software and technology developer for Blue Sky Asset Management since 2014. Previously, Corey was the lead software developer for the Economic Research and Strategic Development department of Flexible Plan Investments in Michigan. Prior to that, Corey was the lead developer of research and trading software for Butler, Philbrick and Gordillo in Toronto, Canada. He was also Chief Technology Officer of Quoceant Strategies, LLP from and lead developer and researcher for CSS Analytics.

Enn Kuutan, CFA®

Quantitative Research Analyst

Enn serves as Quantitative Research Analyst, focusing on technical systems development and quantitative research. Prior to joining Blue Sky, he was the Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Workopolis with a focus in quantitative analytics. Before that, he looked after the long term trading for the Canadian natural gas commodity hedge portfolio and forecast models for various gas and electricity commodity portfolios at Just Energy. Enn is a CFA charterholder and received a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto. He wrote his undergraduate thesis on portfolio management and optimization, investigating a hybrid risk measure - Conditional Drawdown-At-Risk.

Stephen Erwin, JD

Chief Compliance Officer

Steve serves as the Chief Compliance Officer of Blue Sky Asset Management. Previously, Steve was the general counsel and CCO of a large multi-faceted investment advisory and asset management firm in Boulder, CO. Stephen has more than a decade of experience representing investment advisers, hedge funds and private equity funds in business and regulatory compliance matters. Stephen holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude, from the Florida State University College of Law.

Our Partners